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We have placed our products on AMAZON FBA two months back but no Orders

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Oct ’17
Hi Team,

We placed our products in AMAZON FBA two months back but still not receiving any orders.


1 Answer

  1. There can be multiple reasons for that. Few of them are listed below:

    1- Product Category: If you closely see the trend apparels section has a lot of competition so obviously it boils down to the seller’s rating and how good the product is in terms of market appeal.

    2 – Art of listing – A very important factor which has to be kept in mind is how we list the products. This includes but not limited to no. of images, quality of the pictures, completeness of the product description etc. After all, everyone wants to get the best out of their money.

    3 – Amazon BUY NOW box

    Additionally, a good application like Salesla can actually work wonders for sellers especially the new ones to understand the product and the market better. This goes a long way in helping a seller to know the popularity of a particular product, price graph and the niche competition.

    You can go through the below link for more clarity

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