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Voonik packaging material is a pain

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The order processing really gets affected due packaging material policy of Voonik.
1) They have only 1 size of packets, which are too big for my products (lingerie) and paying 6 Rs for a packet seems very tight on the budget while if they could have provided a smaller bad for lesser cost easily.
2) They take almost a month to deliver the packaging material. A company who is into ecommerce is itself not able to ship and deliver its products (packets) timely.
3) They have recently introduced shop the packaging material directly from their vendor website. Firest of all he’s charging more than Rs 6/- per packet and i have already placed an order (Prepaid) almost a week back and i have no news from them regarding the dispatch?
4) Above all their policy says that If a vendor does not use their packaging material, a penalty of Rs 6/- per order would be charged from the vendor.
I have only one suggestion to the company.

1 Answer

  1. Dear Valued Seller,

    As much as we value a Customer, to the utmost priority, we value our Sellers as well. We wholeheartedly apologise for the grievances faced and we assure that we would work on the pointers mentioned. However,we believe that all the concerns should be addressed here.

    Point no 1: As VOONIK has emerged from a seed, to a fully grown tree,we felt it was time to change the game and make it Seller friendly.We are coming up with different Smaller size Packaging Material specially for Lingerie and Accessories by the end of this month.

    Point no 2. Noted,we have been improving every single day and believe the fruits would yield very soon.

    Point 3.We do understand the grievances and hope the new price enthralls Sellers. Voonik believes that there should not be any compromise on quality of Polybags,which is of 60 Microns,so we believe we are giving you the best rate and the customer, the best possible experience with your product.

    4) Since our Packaging Materials would be available 24*7 round the clock,throughout the year,we do expect that our Sellers would use Voonik Packaging Material. We advise our Sellers to place the order when the Packaging Material Stock has been consumed more than 70% to have enough stock available.

    Once again,Thanks for the valuable feedback, Happy Selling on VOONIK.⁠⁠⁠⁠”

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