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Stranded inventory – what to do?

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I have never had stranded inventory before. Today I have one item shown as stranded. It appears on the Fix Stranded Inventory page. The only option is Create removal order.

Help said that “Stranded inventory refers to FBA inventory in fulfillment centers that does not have an associated active offer, and as a result, is not available for purchase by customers on Amazon.” However, if I go to the product page, the item is there, and it is Prime with the Buy Box. It is the last one for FBA. I have

I am willing to bet is under Hazmat review. You can find out by hitting the help button, entering hazmat in the search field. A form should popup saying “Is my product a dangerous good?” Click the Look up an ASIN radio button, hit next , enter the ASIN and see what it says.

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