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Selling through Prepaid Drop-shipping

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Get Sales without any hidden charges or marketplaces head-breaking rules.
We have planned to keep it simple yet convenient.
We will list your products on our website and when we receive an order, we will buy it from you and arrange pick-up of our orders to our customers, from your pick-up location.
We will receive only prepaid orders on our portals, therefore there is least chances of returns.
You only have to accept our returns if the product is damaged/faulty. For any other reasons, you dont have to accept the returns.
Its simple. You get paid instantly. You dont have to maintain logistics costs.
All you have to do is provide your products in excel sheet.
Please note : We will deduct 30% from your provided rate while paying to you. So you need to give rates as per the calculations. This is because you know your product market value and we expect you to provide genuine value only.
reply us on this thread if you are interested.

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