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Return Issues Returns Not Delivered

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Dec ’17
I have recently came to aware about issue regarding returns. The fact while return is delivered the delivery boy does not ask our signature in his device and leave returns without us confirming the actual number he supposed to return. When we reconcile returns with our recoreded database it happens returns are not delivered. Like example delivery boy supposed to deliver 8 packets but he delivered us 5 packets. I know you may refuse, as you are confident about the system, but this the bug and needs to be fixed, fact happening to many sellers including me.
I came to the solution hence like to share (take is as feedback). If implemented this will help us Sellers and Amazon save lots of money. So my idea is just this, like customer is informed while his purchase arrives, the courier company in this case (Easyship) drop us advance email (single mail for each date, how many return we will received today shall be emailed to us) about delivery boy coming with number of packets whose order ID is such and tracking ID such. If they come up with less packets we can question delivery boy easily as we are aware we are about to receive number of returns infromed to us via email. Also we will signed the device this will double cross it as we been seller are confirming, so Amazon has less resposbilty and less number of Safe-T claims.
If you can do this we do not have to worry about return and can focus on business. I am feeling this idea will drop the number of issues in return hence directly impact on Safe-T Claim money budgets (if any) for Amazon, it will save money for Amazon, because of less complains.
Thank you

1 Answer

  1. When did u last face this issue?

    As per our emails this policy has come into effect where the amazon shipping personnel take your signature and then hand over the returns product. Your acceptance and signature is a must.

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