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Private Label Brands by Marketplaces – How affects sellers?

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Amazon India has launched the first of at least six fashion private labels it proposes to introduce this year, as it looks to boost sales and margins in the second largest product category in e-commerce.
Flipkart has launched its third private label Citron in home appliances and personal health care category. Earlier the company had introduced Flippd in apparels, Digiflip in consumer electronics category.
Amazon has launched two private fashion labels — menswear brand Symbol and an ethnic wear label for women, Myx. Its other private labels in India include Solimo in the kitchen category and Amazon-Basics, which are digital and home accessories such as data cables, batteries, chargers, camera bags, laptop bags and earphones.
Chinese firm AliExpress, through Paytm, will bring fashion products, fashion accessories, general merchandise such as Chinese toys, bags, home decor and unstructured category, including electronic accessories to Indian consumers.
Under Flippd brand, Flipkart currently has over 400 products of apparels and footwear, all priced quite competitively as compared to other sellers price.
Flipkart has launched Flipkart SmartBuy, a larger private label brand that will host categories from electronic items like mobile phones, tablets and mobile phone accessories, to personal care items like trimmers and shavers. The private label brand will also have home plastics to start with.

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  1. It is very obvious sooner or Later their Labels will be showcased before everyone else’s. Market places will anyways win, their labels will perform in SALES, other Labels will perform in PLA.

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