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Is it possible to do LTL shipping for FBA from a storage unit?

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I am currently doing FBA. I send in around 800 pounds of books a month using Amazon’s Fedex shipping service. I end up paying around $200- $250 for around 400 pounds of books. In my opinion, it is eating up my profits. I spent $550 in shipping last time! I also always get tons of split shipments but I am starting to think it is because of the software we are using to list which is Accelerlist. Someone recommended we should do private mode instead of live mode.

Anyways… I am seriously considering LTL shipping because there is no way I am going to keep giving FEDEX a big portion of my money. The only problem is, I really have no way of doing LTL in our condominium. There just isn’t any way. Someone mentioned to me that we should consider renting a storage space and preparing the pallets there… not sure if I heard right. I’m pretty sure I did though. How would that work ? Any info is greatly appreciated. I am sick of spending so much in shipping every month ! Thank you !

1 Answer

  1. Yes and no.

    You can certainly build your pallets there. You might instead consider checking with a nearby warehouse to see if they might be able to help you. As long as you don’t occupy the space for too long, they might just charge you for the space for a few days. If you are going to need to this more frequently, you might need to make more permanent arrangements.

    There must be someone at the location to provide the paperwork and help with getting the shipment onto the truck and the location must be suitable for allowing entry and access by the truck. It could be a very large, typical semi trailer or a smaller truck.

    I assume you do not have a loading dock, so you would need to contact the carrier to arrange (at an additional cost) for a truck with a lift gate and you may also require a pallet jack to move the pallet from the storage unit to the lift gate. They might have one, but might not.

    You can save on LTL shipments, but the lift gate will reduce that savings – especially for smaller shipments.

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