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Inventory Performance Alert

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I have a shipment that was delivered a couple of days ago and so far 8 of the 9 units have been received

I went to look at the shipment and get a page of inventory performance alert warnings but there is no indication of what the problem is.

When I click on the link to review problems it says that there are no problems

There is also nothing on the inventory performance report.

Has anyone else seen this?

I wondering if it’s a glitch.

These are the messages on the page. It looks as though there was an issue that they somehow rectified but what it s I’ve no idea

Inbound Performance Alert – ASIN
Your ability to include certain product(s) in your FBA shipments has been blocked due to repeated problems. You can reinstate the product(s) only after reviewing and acknowledging the problem(s). Learn more

There were problem(s) found with your shipment.
We took the necessary steps to remedy this problem. Please review the Inventory Requirements page to help you avoid future problems with your shipments.
Units that don’t meet our Inventory Requirements will experience a delay in receiving and may be subject to charging for any unplanned services. Learn More . The Inbound Performance Report provides a detailed view of problems encountered with receiving your products at our fulfillment centers.
Track shipment
Shipment contents
Your shipment contains 0 shipment level problems and 0 product level problems

Shipment level problems
No shipment problems to resolve.

Product-level problems
No problems to resolve.

1 Answer

  1. It is probably not a glitch. It is an opportunity for you to take a pause. If you have problems with your orders, there may be problems with the items and you may need to take action for them. You can just update the item and it will go active again, but if the complaints indicate an inventory problem, you might need to consider removing the items to correct the problem.

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