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GS1 and barcode purchasing

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Jan ’17
Totally confused. I am researching to acquire a UPC code for my product. I have read all over that you can get UPCs from a variety of places, even eBay, for a very nominal cost, a few dollars. But recommended is to go through GS1, which, as I understand it, Amazon now requires.
So I am on the GS1 website reading about getting my UPC, and you have to set up a company prefix first, and know the number of products you have now, and estimate how many you may have in the future. The number of potential products affects the length of your company prefix.
Anyway in the calculator estimator, I enter “100” products to leave room for the future, and it tells me the initial fee is $750, and an annual fee of $250. WTF?
I then adjusted that to just my one product now, and it still says an initial fee of $250 and an annual fee os $50. WTF?
Is this true? What am I missing? I don’t understand this. All the forums and articles online say that barcodes are, like a few dollars. Someone please help me understand what the heck this is all about. Thank you!


1 Answer

  1. If you are the manufacturer of these products, you probably want to register and obtain official GS1 UPC codes.

    If not, you can purchase them on eBay. I recently received another 500 for $8.99.

    Search for: +Leading Edge Codes+

    They also sell smaller quantities.

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