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Frauds committed by buyers/courier companies on returns , beware

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I have had two frauds committed by two buyers in a span of 10 days . Here is the GIST
1.ORDER 402-1615671-5984330 =Original 18 inch minion school bag worth rs 2119 sent. its a COD and returns undeliverable . customer address given for benefit of all =
Amit Joseph Toppo
1st Floor KOAS CELESTA, Near Aarogya Hospital
Shankar Nagar
Phone : withheld
Tracking ID: 521789650014
it says order refused and when it comes back , we get a small 6 inch polybag with mango seeds sample. we file a safe-t-claim and amazon gives a refund of rs 1784 and not the complete money. strange.
I have shared the details , so that other sellers are beware as to fraud committed by these buyers here , probably with ATS the amazon courier for delivery at Raipur.
2.In the second case -order 171-0546100-7605155 -paid order , buyer receives the barbie school bag worth rs 1544 … sends a return , received today a junk cloth instead…Now in this case we already filed a safe-t-claim (little new to this policy) , as it was taking some time to return and amazon very faithfully refunded to buyer even before item is returned to us . The buyer has duped us by keeping the barbie bag and sent a junk cloth instead. The first safe-t-claim was denied to us as , amazon told us too wait. now after receiving junk cloth , we are unable to file safe-t-claim again against same order and hence sent pictures of junk cloth on same decision to review and reimburse us for loss.
Buyer details
Kanika Chowdhury
Santigar, shyamnagar
Phone : withheld
reverse courier was bluedart. We are waiting decision from amazon. But very frustrated and disheartened that dishonest buyers are rampant here on amazon and poor sellers are suffering , even amazon is footing some losses. In straight case the refund should be given only when the item is returned in pristine condition and seller approves refund as okay to give. just like ebay india does.
Now we await decision in this fraud from amazon. For the high risk and loop holes , we are not selling expensive items here on amazon india.
In another third case a damaged item was sent back to us , where amazon refunded only 30 percent of total cost.
Sellers beware and share statistics of fraud buyers here , so that we do not become a victim to frauds. Even amazon should block these dishonest buyers as , buyers now know seller or amazon is footing the loss.
I will come back on with decision on above. meanwhile lets keep sharing data of fraud buyers .
I can share phone numbers of these buyers too , if amazon allows…

1 Answer

  1. Hello,

    Want to report another fraud by below customer.
    Rohit Dhawan
    H no 461 street number 4 tripuri town patiala
    Near Mata ji mandir
    Patiala, PUNJAB 147001
    Phone : not shared

    Our original nike backpack changed by this fraudulent customer and returned a duplicate rs 200 worth of bag in place of original rs 3110 bag. we filed a safety claim and only rs 2200 , given to us by amazon. we are not at fault here.we want full refund less comm and shipping.
    i have shared data again for sellers to be aware.thanks

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