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Feedback for DSYH


Well its been a good journey as a user of DSYH. Took lot of pains initially to understand the system as it is very complex but yes once you have a grip of it, nothing like it.

Suraj Vazirani and his team is really very keen on developing and making it a robust ERP.


– does calculation of collectible ( deduction of market place fees, commission, etc) Order processing is like maska compared to other order processing softwares and all. When you work on DSYH platform u feel unicommerce and all other are shit itna mast hai.

– RTO calculations i.e. if a product is returned from a buyer than how much net + or – of that particular has been affected to us.

– Interactions with Suraj bhai, he is such an excellent leader in eCommerce ecosystem.

– Reconciliation well yes, but thats a little hyped up thing. As a seller in health care category and the scale of my business i didn’t find major difference as i pre-assumed. But yes, a great tool in long run maybe.

– also trying my retail and distribution business on this, but not 100% through with it as of now !


– Inventory Sync ( this is an upcoming thing but as of date this is needed)

– Addition of more specialized market places like healthkart, voonik, infebeam, amazon global marketplaces, etc.

– data import to tally, we have to rely on 3rd party software of shweta comp for importing data which is again an additional headache.

Overall an excellent experience. Now focusing more on increasing the range of quality products and better costumer experience, which ideally all ecommerce business people should do. it has really made my business simplified up to a great extent.

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