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FBA Shipment missing since last 30 days

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FBA15BTKQ6MW – Tracking ID – 622343269151 shipped from our facility on 11 Apr 2018 and still untill today 7th May 2018, not received at the warehouse BOM3 situated in the same city Mumbai. Parcel was sent though Amazon’s ATS Inbound Team
Multiple cases have been raised but no resolution provided yet. (Case ID: 4386330872, 4373750522).
Fact is that the warehouse is in the same city that is a metro Mumbai. It usually gets delivered in 24 hours
This has become a pain now for us to invest time to chase for a product and keep the sales and administrative work aside. Complete waste of time since last 30 days.
We are just receiving generic / robotic replies that say ” our team is looking into this and we apologies for the delay.” BUT NO RESOLUTION SINCE 30 DAYS.
We are incurring great loss in business and also customer reputation.
Who will bear these losses.
Kindly investigate and revert on URGENCY.

1 Answer

  1. dear Mr Jeff Bezos even after writing this grievance to you and addressing it to you there is no seriousness or even a call from your officials. I know Amazon has far too many sellers and customers and can afford to provide mediocre service however we have few niche customers and we are taking a big hit on our reputation and sales due to inventory issues. Our package worth thousands of rupees has been missing and there is no resolution yet. This is impacting our business and our goodwill. Let us know the grievance mechanism and even using the forum is not helping with resolution.

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