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Challenges for Selling through own websites

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Dear All,
This is my first post . So, I must congratulate to the founders of this association. Great to know that Sellers plight is being heard.Hoping that it does not end at only hearing.
I have recently came across a thread which says that One should sell on own website than e-commerce marketplace as with patience, the business starts pouring in.
I would like to share disagreement.
But it all takes to have the sales to pour in.
1. Website Building Cost.
2. Website Deigning Cost
3. Payment Integration Cost.
4. Brand Building Cost.
5. Promotion Cost.
6. Advertising Cost.
For all this you should either have expertise or you need to hire one which is again
7.Hiring cost.
8.Manufacturing or Product Procurement Cost.
9.Ware Housing Cost.
10.Logistics Cost.
11.Operations Cost.
12. Post Purchase Operation Cost.
So, before jumping into making your own website,please do your maths and take a leap.

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