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Amazon not dealing with well with seller

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Dec ’17
We had an A-Z Claim,
“Customer say that he did not received product”
We provide all receiving receipt, tracking number and everything. whatever was required.
At last they come to decision that seller is responsible, when we asked why. They always have excuse that ” We cannot give you more information about this matter”
Look like amazon cheating with us. Very disappointing as an Amazon seller.

1 Answer

  1. Hi,

    I 100% agree with you.

    Amazon team by default give their decision in favour of buyer always. If you sell on Amazon, always keep your fingers crossed praying no buyer come back with complaint. Amazon gurantee team is always ready to refund your hard earned money to buyer as if it is Amazon’s money.

    I have tried my best to fight for my first refund case but my reply was disappeared from case log and Amazon refunded money saying seller has not responded. God or Amazon team knows how my reply was disappeared from their.

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