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Online Sellers List | #1 Multi-channel forum

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Amazon is only for buyers not sellers do you agree

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Apr 4
Reminder -II
Dear sir,
This is reference to your order No: 404-6254094-3159521 dt. 02.02.18 to sarmistha Rout – Thane, of libertina Empress 38B White -3 Nos. and the total amount is 853.04 . Please note that we have not received the refund of Rs. 853.04 till today. In this case you have taken more than 40days to solve the problem. We have already told it is not our fault because we have already confirmed to you the customer has taken the delivery of the said shipment thro email & and telephonic conversation.
Kindly take a necessary action to this case and refund the amount immediately.
Thanking you,

1 Answer

  1. Yes, I too agree on this. It is meant for buyers but not for sellers. Somehow, I feel other competitor terms are best than this site. I am planning to switch off from Amazon since I am seeing more deductions than actual profits. So, I feel running business by putting lot of efforts with no profits is no use.

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