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Alert all sellers under FBA- wrong weight handling charges levied under FBA

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alert all sellers under FBA- wrong weight handling charges levied under FBA
check your recorded weights. They may unreasonable as in my case
The weights recorded were double sometimes triple and i was paying unreasonable weight handling for months until i randomly checked and was jolted.
And amazon just pulls on with your case (case id – 4247576952) and does little about it
So better we check our weights and weight handling charges from time to time.

1 Answer

  1. We are also facing same issue,

    Some time we are getting refund after raising the Case. But most of they time they reject saying out of policy of 60 days.

    They to get the refund they ask each and every FNSKU dimension mentioned on Seller Flex/FBA sit and the image measuring actual dimension of the product.

    Very funny thing is that same problems of wrong handling are repeated for most of same FNSKUs for upcoming payments. Why they do not correct them ???

    This has happened around 4-5 time for some FNSKU. they charges extra and we have to raise case every time to get the refund.

    It seems Amazon want to make some profit out of this. Same time we have to loose our hard core money.

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