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Acceptance of documents

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hi, 4 days ago my membership has been approved. amazon got $ 39.99 from my credit card but my membership is suspended. I sent all the documents they requested, the driver license card, the credit card – in pdf format. but it is not accepted. what should I do ?

1 Answer

  1. Typical Verification issues are as follows:

    Utility bill does not match the address in Seller Central.
    Business license address does not match address in Seller Central or Utility bill.
    National/State identity card does not match one or more of the documents sent.
    Phone numbers and fax numbers should be consistent throughout the documents sent in.
    If an invoice was sent in along with the other paperwork it also does not match the business name and address(must be an exact match down to the letters and spaces).
    The invoice sent in is not an invoice, rather it is a receipt or proforma invoice.
    You name does not match across all the documents. This may be a misspelling or even a premarriage name that was never changed.
    Bank information that you sent is an online screen print. Amazon wants to see what would be mailed to you if you were getting it mailed. This is normally available as a downloadable PDF from most banks.
    You are creating an account or have opened a banking account in a country that Amazon does not permit to sell on Amazon.
    You are attempting to use a prepaid/debit card instead of a credit card.

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