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A solution for reducing returns and negative reviews

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E-Commerce has helped a lot of businesses to increase their revenue. However, there is one issue that
is making sellers suffer for no fault of theirs; a lot of sellers are bleeding financially due to this. You
guessed it right, it’s returns and negative reviews.
Returns make the sellers to lose money immediately. And negative reviews make prospective
customers to stay away. This basically happens when there is difference in customer’s expectation and
actual product. While the issue of returns and negative reviews can not be stopped completely due to
various factors like marketplace policies, transit damage etc, there is one solution to reduce this.
That is by making the customer understand the product features better and thus reducing the gap
between customer expectations vs actual product. In conventional sales a face to face interaction helps
the buyer understand the product better by touch & feel and conversation with the seller. However,
this is not possible in E-Commerce. Closest possible alternative for conventional sales mechanism in
E-Commerce is detailed and meaningful product descriptions, store policy information etc in English
and regional languages. Sadly most of the sellers ignore this and suffer huge financial loss due to more
returns and negative reviews.
From our experience at Lipikara, ample content in English and in regional languages really makes a
difference in increasing sales and at the same time reducing returns and negative reviews. Regional
language content will allow crores of rural population to procure quality products from online stores
which otherwise wouldn’t be available for them. At the same time the sellers could enter huge
untapped markets where next level of growth lies.
We would like to partner with the esteemed members of AIOVA community and work together with the members to reduce
returns and negative reviews on their products sold online. If you would like to be part of this initiative
please contact us on
Please check our presentation and blog post on E-Commerce returns and negative reviews at – Lipikara E-Commerce Presentation and Poetry is what gets lost in translation – Lipikara Blog .
Looking forward to work together with the seller community in reducing returns and negative reviews :-).

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