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30 day return policy a big loss for sellers

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I had recently started selling sunglasses on Amazon India. Earlier when I was shipping products myself I felt better as a counple of months agao the return policy of Amazon was not such as it is today.
Today I am suffering huge losses due to the buyers returning sunglasses after using them for more than 15-20 days. BECAUSE THE NEW RETURN POLICY OF AMAZON INDIA OFFERS FREE RETURN OF EYEWEAR / SUNGLASSES WITHOUT ANY REASON FROM BUYER !!!
I think there would be many sellers in this segment of eyewear & sunglasses who also would be suffering from this 30 day return policy which was earlier 10 days & Amazon did not accept returns without any reason. BUT NOW ITS LIKE THE WORST TIME BEING EXPERIENCED ON AMAZON with 30 day no reason asked return policy for this category!!!
I am experiencing same product being shipped by Amazon (Prime) more than 3 times & being returned by several customers after 10 , 12 , & even 20 days. If the product is nor right, why would cant the customer simple return on next day ? Why does he use the item for 20 days & after that Amazon easily accepts the return ??? WHAT SHOULD WE SELLERS DO FOR SUCH LOSSY POLICIES ??? Is it the time to quit Amazon & focus on other marketplaces ?
Hope that someone from Amazon sees this & suggests or makes change in return policies !!!

1 Answer

  1. they surely won’t change this policy, rather extend it I’m afraid! jewellery, sunglasses, books,CDs etc…you can enjoy them, use them, wear them, read them and then send them back for free. Even worse you can pretend you didn’t get your product, get your money back and keep the product or even receive another one …This is amazon and of course customers take advantage of it ! And poor sellers can’t do anything to be protected against such rules. Unfair, illegal, and encourages dishonest buyers . Everyday sellers complain on this forum but amazon gets more and more buyers, more and more money…

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