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  1. same problem here. more than 90% of refunds are because of Undeliverable shipping address only and it charges us around 70+ Rs for each refund which wipes off the profit of other sold items

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  2. Read carefully the Performance NOTIFICATION you have received. Once you understand the reason for suspension draft a “Plan of Action” and send to Seller Performance Team.

    The quality for your POA will dictate is your account will be reinstated. You can also take professional help for this if your are not confident.

    All the best

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  3. amazon is corrupt and their licence in India should be rolled out.
    they are not worthy to be India. and, it’s an alarming bell that Indians also working in amazon india are corrupt.

    we are going to appeal against to have their licence cancelled, because of Corrupt Activities On the Site, Malpractices, Harassing Sellers On Unusual Grounds, Misusing The Policies & Causing Monetary Loss.

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  4. You can install google authenticator app and add amazons account there. Then no need to wait for sms. Just enter the code generated on app.

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  5. U can try lprecon.com5 GST software for Merchant FBA order, shipping, cancel, Replacement and payment reconciliation.
    Simple and easy to use only five button click.
    Also track FBA return
    contact :
    PH: 8179668479

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  6. Hello,

    Yes, Trade Mark Certificate is required ®, make sure before applying for Brand Registry, you should have a valid TM (Registered) and should show your details on TM India Website.

    Thank You.

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  7. Hi,

    I am getting “Request is throttled” message again and again while importing orders through API.

    As i thought it must be an issue because of request quota limit exceed. So i put interval of almost 8 hrs for next request but it is still throwing the same message.

    Please assist me, how to fix it.

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  8. I have also face the same issue, the easy ship courier didn’t returned my 20 products and also denied my safe-t-claim , I think there is no safety policy for seller also update fake status that they delivered my product but Amazon didn’t take any action regarding this

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  9. I am facing same issues…

    First of all order get cancelled due to pick up not attempted and then we have to beg to the buyers as well as account health team explaining the issues to avoid panalties and negative feedbacks…its a big setback for new sellers…being a new seller lots of things depend on your performance but they are not allowing us to perform …its ridiculous and funny…i have faced issues with inventory updates as well as receiving threatening mails from sellers selling the same products at a higher rate…amazon chat and phone support have no knowledge and they can answe simple basic questions only …thats too by refering to help topics…as of now i have lost approx 3000 in a day …but all 3 customers have reordered their products…this time i got away with it ON MY OWN by luck.

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